Life goes fast. Don’t wait for your next ‘good-hair-day’ or loosing those extra two pounds…. You are gorgeous just the way you are – right now. Get photographed. Have fun! It is not coming back.

If you are up for having a fun photoshoot, drop me an email with your idea and we take it from there.

heidi b.

P.S.: Because it has been on my chest for a while, here is a note to mothers: ‘Photograph my children!’ is what I hear so often and it makes me shake my head in sadness. Really? I fathom how it melts your heart enjoying their images, but what are your children supposed to look at one day?

P.S.: Es liegt mir schon eine Weile auf der Brust. “Fotografiere mein Kind!”, höre ich immer wieder, und ich schüttele dann innerlich den Kopf. Wirklich? Ich kann ja verstehen, wie herzerwärmend es für eine Mutter ist, Aufnahmen des eigenen Kindes anzuschauen, aber, was bitte, bleibt denn dem eigenen Kind eines Tages als Erinnerung?

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