A Winter Princess Theme

Surrey, BC. We can feel it in the air: spring is coming. Time to say good-bye to the frosty season. Enjoy the last chills of a winter that kept us hostage in rain and dark skies, […]

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After you have gone

In Sadness. A cherry blossom in its full beauty, vibrant and tender, so divine it must have been grown by God… Your petals fell too early. You were like a little sister to me and now […]

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Qipao – a modern classic

Vancouver BC. The qipao is a modern classic. The Chinese body hugging dress has its roots in the 17th century and has been worn in variations through centuries, right into our twenty-first. For those blessed […]

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Photoshoot with designer gowns by Shyan Couture

Vancouver BC. What I love about Cara is that she has this adorable amount of tenacity that pushes me out of my comfort zone. And that’s a good thing. She knows what she wants and what […]

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Is Rugby for Sissies?

Vancouver BC.┬áIn New Zealand, Rugby is the un-official national sport. Kiwis are totally crazy about Rugby. I have always wondered why. But since I recently had the opportunity to watch a women’s Rugby game, I […]

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Beauty meets Frisian Dreamhorses – Part II

Langley, BC. This is the second part of my photo shoot starring Frisian Dreamhorse Nane and beautiful model Charlotte Ahern. For this set, Charlotte changed into ball gowns, nicely contrasting Nane and the younger Benner. […]

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Beauty meets Frisian Dreamhorse – Part I

Langley, BC. “Black Beauty”, the touching memoirs of a horse, sold over 50 million copies. What attracts us most to these majestic creatures, what touches us on a deep level, lends wings to our imagination […]

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My favourite summer picture of all times

Vancouver BC. It’s cold outside. And raining. Before I get more miserable, let me reminiscence about last summer. It may not have been the best summer ever, but it gave me my all-time best summer […]

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Lower Mainland, BC. The gowns designed by XYZhang, Srishti Kaur, Sam Stringer at Kyle Cong’s lighting workshop took my breath away. League model Christie carried their creations so well; it was a joy to watch the […]

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Lower Mainland, BC. This two-light setup in the kitchen created some nice drama and I quite like this look. League Model Savannah at Kyle Cong’s lighting workshop. From now on there shall be flash. In German: […]

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