Male model photo shoot

Vancouver BC. I have often said that photographing men is easy. Once you get them in front of the camera, that is. Yet I was still surprised how naturally my first-time model fell into poses, until […]

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Vancouver BC. It is in the air, fall will take over soon. Days will get shorter, light dimmer. Pete Jone had invited a group of photographers to share the “secret sauce” how he lighten his subjects. […]

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Vancouver BC. Tanya has the looks of a classical beauty in times of the Greco-Roman antiquity and a huge personality that made it so much fun to photograph her. In German: Vancouver BC. Tanya erinnerte […]

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Vancouver BC. No wonder, Tereza has this ‘je ne sais pas’ about her. Did you know that only 1-2% of humans on earth have the combination of red hair and blue eyes? I photographed her during […]

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Portrait in Red

Vancouver BC. She is my favourite model. I love her. I feel so blessed being able to watch this young beauty growing up and discovering the world; she is my niece and I am so proud […]

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The Last Dance – A Photoshoot at Aberthau Mansion

Vancouver BC. When she was a little girl, she took her first steps on the dance floors of Aberthau Mansion. ‘Aberthau’ in Gaelic means ‘a place filled with light’. There is no truth in advertising; the dark wooden […]

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Can you hear me

Vancouver BC. You are probably not aware of them, but there is a group of well-trained people out there who have one distinct mission: to help those who have lost their hearing. With aging demographics, more […]

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The Chocolatier

Lower Mainland, BC. One of the perks that come with portrait photography is that you can meet some truly exceptional people. This charismatic young lady truly impressed me. She is a chocolatier by training, a […]

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Sarasota – The Beaches

Sarasota, Florida. What does this photograph have to do with portraiture, you might ask. Well, I guess, not too much. But, as soon as the fine floury sand of the Sarasota Beaches tickles the sole […]

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Subtle Disguise

Vancouver BC. How often do we conceal our inner feelings to the outer world? In fashion photography we often lay a veil on reality, too; we disguise our subjects in subtle ways, stretching the viewer’s imaginations and attracting […]

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