heidi b.

I know, this page is supposed to be about me. But this is not why you are here. You don’t want to hear that I was born with a camera in my hand, spent my youth in darkrooms and am now an acclaimed and famous people photographer. Because none of it is true.

The truth is that I am into people photography because I am into people. I have a knack for putting people into their best light, and it simply makes my day when people love their photographs.*

It is not coming back. From time to time, have your photograph taken – for yourself and for the people in your life who care about you. It will make a difference in how you feel about yourself, how others perceive you and how you will be remembered.

I am very grateful for all those wonderful people crossing my life’s path, who trust me, connect with me and let me amaze them. I hope our paths will cross, too. Until then, stay curious, be inspired and have an open mind and heart.

heidi b.

Photography trained and educated at: New England School of Photography, London School of Photography, Vancouver Photo Workshops, Focalpoint BC, and online – ongoing

Photograph by Cameralucid


*P.S.: Read how other people experienced their photo shoot in KIND WORDS. Or why not stay here and read on what this wonderful lady had to say about her experience being photographed by me:


“Who doesn’t know this? Photos, you wish to rip them apart because you look so stiff and you cannot believe this forced smile on your face is your own. Not to mention those eye-catching wrinkles, double chin, hump or belly. Then the nose, putting Pinocchio in the shade. That’s me? There would be many images of me like this, didn’t I dispose of them immediately. 

A photo shooting? With me?

At first, I was sceptical. Then absolutely excited!

A photo shooting with Heidi is an uniquely gentle and unforgettable event!

Easygoing and funny, she explains the tricks of photography, spots her model’s ‘chocolate’ side and subtly puts her in the right light. The results are impressive: authentic personalities, glowing faces, people full of soul and energy.

Finally, there are photos of me I can proudly give to my loved ones! Photos, my girlfriends envy me for!

Thank you very much!” – Lotte W.


In German:


“Wer kennt das nicht? Fotos, die man am liebsten zerreißen möchte, weil man so steif darauf aussieht und nicht glauben möchte, dass das gequält grinsende Gesicht das eigene ist? Ganz zu schweigen von den ins Auge fallenden Falten, dem Doppelkinn, Rundrücken oder Bauch. Und der Nase, die Pinocchio in den Schatten. Bin das ICH??  Von mir gäbe es viele solcher Bilder, würde ich sie nicht rechtzeig entsorgen.

Fotoshooting? Mit mir?

Zuerst war ich skeptisch. Dann total begeistert! 

Fotoshooting mit Heidi ist ein einmalig einfühlsames und unvergesslich spannendes  Event!

Locker und humorvoll erklärt sie die Tricks der Fotographie, findet die  Schokoladenseite ihrer Models und setzt sie so geschickt ins rechte Licht. Das Ergebnis kann sich sehen lassen: Authentische Persönlichkeiten, leuchtende Gesichter, Menschen voller Lebensfreude und-energie.  

Endlich Fotos von mir, die ich stolz meinen Lieben schenken kann! Um die mich meine Freundinnen beneiden!

 Vielen herzlichen Dank!”    – Lotte W.